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chaosoftwilight's old/other feedback


  • 2008-2010 (link) 25 positive feedback.

  • 2010-2011 (link) 30 positive feedback.

  • 2011 (link) 4 positive feedback.

  • 2012 and up, see below

Total: 59 positive feedback from the old system.

My OTHER feedback:

  • Digimon, MLP, and Other Miscellaneous Collecting Communities (link) 11 positive feedback.

My EBAY account:

  • eBay (link) 90+ positive feedback.

My [info]pkmncollectors sales permission was granted by lineaalba in 2008.
My [info]digimoncollect sales permission was granted by roll_chan89 in 2010.

If you have bought, sold, or traded with me, please take a minute to leave me feedback! I will do the same for you. ^^

 leave all new pkmncollectors feedback at the
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