Kitxunei (chaosoftwilight) wrote,

pokemon origins


I can't believe they are fucking making this

finally an anime series based off of the actual GAMES instead of the random bs that is the current anime!

in a way I am slightly sad because the games were always separate from the anime -- in that the games had no set story, it was your story and yours alone. But yeah screw that. It shouldn't take away from the original games at all. It'll only add a fresh new layer of awesomeness. Possibly draw in more fans too?! Tons of people loved only Gen 1, and the anime that came with it was made for 5-year-olds. Hopefully Origins will be more badass.

Too bad it looks like it's only going to be an OVA-type-thing. Maybe if it is successful enough there will be MORE! I would much prefer a series of short specials, instead of a long 500+ episode thing like the regular anime is, actually. That way there will be less filler and bs, and they can spend more time perfecting it.
Tags: anime, awesome, pokemon

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