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A Professional Name

x-posting from my facebook. I got a lot of responses to this on skype, but the opinions are very conflicting.

I am looking for a domain name to use on my professional website.  Some people argue that I should use only my real name, because other names sound too immature. Others argue that using your real name is boring and doesn't draw in interest or stand out. I'm leaning toward using a combination of both (like Stefox or something but cooler ._.) Any suggestions?


A Professional Name

June 7, 2014 at 1:37pm

Dear friends... For the past few months I've been setting up more of an online presence art-wise. The crux of that is your website. While I've had cheap, free, seldom-updated ones in the past, I'm looking to make a brand new one with an actual domain name. Something that can be put on business cards and advertised.

So I'm looking for opinions and ideas on names (I've asked some of you already, but here's a more organized approach).


pro: my real name is the easiest thing I could pick, and lots of people use just that.

con: other people have the exact same name as me. and I don't think my name stands out that much.

2. /

pro: has my name, but is more unique and descriptive

con: still kind of boring


say it out loud. YEP. Proooobably not using that one lol!


pros: sounds cooler, and dat alliteration

cons: doesn't have my name, and i'm not sure if it's very unique


pros: i've used the duskfox name before so i'm used to it. i have foxes in my art often. people associate me with foxes too.

cons: foxes are kind of overused nowadays, so again it doesn't sound very unique

a good name should be:

- easy to type

- easy to pronounce

- memorable

- unique

*Any other ideas are welcome*

do not suggest:

- something specific such as "3D" or "animator" because I do a variety of things, and I'm not sure what I will end up doing the most

- kitxunei - I'm not using my gaming handle lol



Tags: work

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