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New Pokémon Wishlist

Decided to make a brand new journal entry for my pokemon wishlist! Woohoo!

Note that despite the size of my collection, I don't have a ton of money... I buy things a little bit at a time~ So if you are a seller reading this, please don't be offended if I can't buy what you offer! :)

P.S. -- Please do not offer custom plush or sculptures! Other than that, I do like custom items! but NO +POKEBOX+ ITEMS. i dislike like their style of drawing pokemon.

Main Collections

\\\\\\\\\\ UMBREON //////////

High Priority:
- Candy tin
- Kyun Chara figure

Normal Priority:
- CLEAR kids
- Mega Blok
- Round Pokemon Center Charm
- Dog tag
- Battrio
- Pan stickers
- TCG Cards

+ anything else I don't already have

VERY LOW PRIORITY: (probably wouldn't buy these unless you're giving them away ha)
- Random stickers and other small paper flats
- V-Trainer
- Chupa
- Battle Muesum figure
- In-Case Figure
- PokeDoll Metal Charm
- Pokemon Center Mini Strap/Charm
- Tomy Keychain
- Other versions of the PokeDoll
^Many of these items are small but very rare and expensive (around $50 to $100+), and are just not worth it to me. Of course they are great collector's items, but I simply have very little personal interest in them.

\\\\\\\\\\ BLASTOISE-line //////////

I don't have any major Blastoise-line wants at the moment.

+ I will buy random Blastoise-line things from time to time. See my collection site for what I currently have.

\\\\\\\\\\ FLYGON-line //////////

Normal Priority:
- Pan Stickers (Currently have 1 Flygon pose, and none of Vibrava or Trapinch. Will buy poor condition ones for use too.)
- Amada Stickers (Currently have all normal poses, looking for attacking poses and holographics)
- Flygon Bell Keychain (big want)
- Flygon Pin
- Flygon Coin Pouch
- Flygon calendar page
- Restuden Stampers
- Flygon Pokemon Time "Bookmarks" (the hidden cardboard backings that came with the charms)

- Bottlecap figure
- Mystery figure
- Premier Ball Stamper
- Bottle in figure

Low Priority:
- CLEAR Kids Figures
- SHINY Flygon Attack Kid

+ Any other misc. items that I don't already have


+ I collect cards and am always looking for new ones - mostly of the Digimon I collect but also random others, so just point me to your sales.

\\\\\\\\\\ GABUMON-line //////////

Nothing at the moment

\\\\\\\\\\ AIRDRAMON //////////

- Vpet Metal Figure
Similar to pokemon keshimon. "the metal figures were made for 1st and 2nd vpet series in japan but they're extremely rare" - Info and picture by swampeh !

- Vpet Plastic Figure
A plastic V-Pet figure from the US. Info and picture by swampeh !

\\\\\\\\\\ SEADRAMON-line //////////

Nothing at the moment

Last Updated July 26, 2014
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