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If you haven't seen or done this already...

The Humble Indie Bundle V includes 4 games on a pay-whatever-you-want basis (5 8 -- they just added 3 more -- if you pay more than a certain amount)! PLUS their corresponding soundtracks (in FLAC or MP3)!

The money goes to the website, the game developers, AND to charity, and you decide exactly how to split it. And they are DRM-free and cross-platform. There's pretty much no reason not to get these if you're interested in good indie games.

From what I've read, they have made over $1.8 million so far @_@ I just bought mine today, and of course I paid extra so I could get Bastion, because I've been wanting that beautiful-looking game for a while. Its soundtrack is LOVE. I'm activating the games on Steam so maybe I'll actually use it for once... >.>

It's only available for about 1 more week btw!

P.S. - notch is a boss
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